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15 ideas for your Bullet Journal - making pages simple and useful

There are just so many ways to fill the pages of the Bullet Journal and be creative. I would like to share my 15 favorite ideas with you today, which I use in my journal and which have already established themselves in the Bujo community.

Inspiration for your Bullet Journal

I just love trying out new things and ideas in my Bullet Journal. I do not want every month to be the same. That's why I have written a small Inspo list and I always choose the idea that fits into a month particularly well.

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  1. Goals (plans) for the new year: This way you can see at the end of the year what you have achieved. But I rather write down projects that I would like to experience this year, e.g. going to the zoo, taking a boat trip or looking down from the mountains.

  2. Highlights: In some months there are many special events, so it is a good idea to create a highlight page in the Bujo.

  3. Collages: With stickers, pictures and Washi tapes you can make a great collage and write down something funny.

  4. Personal wish list: Write down what you would like to have for your birthday, Christmas or just in general.

  5. Happiness: What makes you happy? I always combine this page with little doodles :)

  6. Books Overview: Write down book titles you want to read or have already read.

  7. Recipe ideas: I also write down a recipe in my Bullet Journal when I plan to bake a special cake or prepare a special dish this month.

  8. Travel: Places in the world that you really want to visit or have already seen.

  9. Packing List: Whether for a short trip or a long vacation, a packing list is never wrong! :)

  10. Memories: Stick pictures from last year in your bujo or paint something and write a short phrase about it. That way you have a page of reviews that you don't want to forget.

  11. Favourite series/movies: Write movies and series that you really want to watch.

  12. One Sentence a day: This can be a sentence or just a few words every day that you want to remember.

  13. Habit/Mood/Sleep/Household Tracker: Track everything that happens in your life or everyday life. There is no right or wrong here!

  14. Quotes and sayings: Which quote accompanies or inspires you this month?

  15. Doodles and scribbles: I always draw doodles matching the monthly theme :)

  16. How-To pages: Show others how to paint Doodles or which headlines you like best.

Of course, there are many more ideas and there is no limit to your creativity in Bullet Journaling. Just always think about what is really useful in your life and what supports you. Then your pages in the Bullet Journal will help you even more.

Do you have any other ideas you would like to share with us? Or have you integrated other pages into your Bullet Journal? Feel free to write it in the comments below this post. I am happy about every feedback and exchange.

Happy Journaling :)


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