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36 theme ideas for your Bullet Journal year

Unpaid advertisment // Brand names are mentioned in this blog post

Are you looking for suitable themes to design your Bullet Journal? The Bujo community, especially in social networks, lives from monthly changing themes and inspiration. In this blog post I would like to give you a list of my best theme ideas! :) For each month I have written down about three inspiring ideas for you.

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A Bullet Journal year - just change your topic every month


1. Mountains & Landscapes

2. Clouds

3. Eucalyptus


1. Mandalas

2. Soap Bubbles

3. Books & Letters


1. Flowers & Plants

2. Coffee & Tea

3. Feathers


1. Brunch & Breakfast

2. Birds

3. Rainbow


1. Lightbulbs

2. Cherry Blossoms

3. Butterflies


1. Falling Stars & Sky

2. Favorite Series

3. Hibiscus


1. Ocean

2. Underwater landscape and animals

3. Sunset


1. Beach & Traveling

2. Cocktails

3. Fruits


1. Autumn Leaves

2. Cornfield & Bales of straw

3. Favorite City


1. Pumpkins

2. Halloween

3. Galaxy & Planet


1. Crystals

2. Fairytale Forest

3. Snow & Mountains


1. Gingerbread

2. Christmas Market

3. Snow Houses

Do you have any more ideas that you would like to share with others here? Feel free to write a comment under this post :)

Have fun! :)

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