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40+ winter theme ideas for your bullet journal

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Winter is just around the corner and so our bullet journal is getting into the winter mood too. Are you looking for a theme for the next winter months? Then you've come to the right place. I have collected some ideas and inspirations for you. I love the magic of winter, so I am looking forward to the winter and Christmas season in my Bullet Journal. My November topic is already a bit wintery, but December will be full of crystals, snowflakes and gingerbread

List of cozy winter themes - create beautiful bullet journal & planner spreads

  1. Christmas letters

  2. Rocking Horses

  3. Doll's house

  4. Ski cottage

  5. starry sky

  6. Fairy tale world

  7. Movie " The Polar Express"

  8. Movie "Alone Home"

  9. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

  10. Fairy lights and snowflakes

  11. Ice skating

  12. Movie "The Grinch"

  13. Snowman

  14. Silent night illustration

  15. Christmas Market

  16. Polar Bears

  17. Little Penguins

  18. Candy cane

  19. Baked apple

  20. Cinnamon stars

  21. Mistletoe

  22. Gingerbread houses

  23. Gingerbread man

  24. Cute gifts

  25. Christmas trees

  26. Christmas doodles

  27. Deer

  28. Pine cones

  29. Poinsettia

  30. Sleigh rides

  31. Hygge doodles

  32. Streetlights

  33. Christmas bakery

  34. winter sports

  35. Cookies and chocolate

  36. Scandinavian winter doodles

  37. Scandinavian pattern

  38. Snow Rabbits

  39. Little christmas elves

  40. Winter Punch

  41. Oranges and nuts

  42. Cozy winter houses

  43. Christmas bells

  44. Selfcare doodles

  45. Family Dinner

  46. Christmas tree decoration

  47. Christmas angels


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Happy Journaling! :)


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