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5 autumnal themes for your Bullet Journal - Let's get cozy! + tips for more inspiration in autumn

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Autumn is approaching, so it is time to let the cosy season move into the Bullet Journal. Are you looking for a nice idea for an autumnal Bujo theme? Or do you just want to get inspired to doodle some autumn doodles? Then you'll find my 5 best ideas for autumnal pages for Bullet Journaling in this blog post. I also want to share my 4 best tips for finding autumnal inspiration. I'm really looking forward to the coming and my favourite season and I hope you'll be part of it :)

Create the best theme for autumn - September and October in the Bullet Journal

I wrote down my 5 favorite topics for you and created a small sample sketch for inspiration:

Fallen Leaves - Sweet autumn leaves

My tip: Find appropriate color combinations that harmonize together. For this you can simply search the internet for "color combinations" and choose 2-3 colors.

Spooky Season - Halloween doodles

My tip: Use the same Doodles for your Bullet Journal over and over again to have a common thread for your topic.

Forest Animals - Little forest dwellers

My tip: The drawings should be kept as simple as possible, so that you don't lose your desire. I would choose a different animal as the main character for each weekly overview in the month.

Cozy Cups - Loving cups

My tip: Use different sizes of vessels and vary the contents e.g. coffee, tea, Boba Tea, Pumpkin Spice Latte, hot chocolate... I also think the choice of color is crucial, so make sure that the color scheme is harmonious.

Happy Thanksgiving! - Thanksgiving in the Bullet Journal!

My tip: Be inspired by real photographs. You can take into account the most important details of the holiday, but you can also add your own touch to the design. Again, color combination is very important, because people require a certain color scheme for fixed events.

More inspiration in autumn - how to find ideas for my Bullet Journal and my illustrations

Autumn and winter is one of the most inspiring seasons for me. Everywhere there are beautiful facets and objects that are perfect for the design of your planner, calendar or art journal. You can give free rein to your creativity and be inspired by the "ordinary" and nature. Also holidays and matching accessories can be integrated perfectly. My best tips to find inspiration are here:

  1. Music: A playlist can do wonders in your search for inspiration and ideas! With the help of ready-made playlists I can completely immerse myself in the mood and atmosphere, no matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter - just give it a try (P.s. I'm listening to an autumn playlist for 2 hours now, to better visualize my ideas while writing for you ;)

  2. Movies: So many times I have been inspired by movie scenes, actions or characters for illustrations and drawings. I have also integrated a complete Gilmore Girl theme into my Bullet Journal. I'm convinced that stories make the inspiration last more often. You get more involved with the details and often find more ideas, details and facets to a particular theme.

  3. Magazines/Books: I like to read a lot, and I read a lot, but I also like to read different stories. I find inspiration from crime series in a different way than from romantic or funny stories. I think books can awaken the creative sense and process and offer a lot of inspiration. For in-between times, magazines or journals can be a good alternative. With them I often create my moodboards. In my blog post "Visualizing Bullet Journal - Creating a moodboard in 3 steps" I told you more about this :)

  4. Nature: I always recommend to use nature and surroundings for research. Usually you have the best ideas and inspirations right in front of your own door. I often go to a duck pond or look at beautiful houses and buildings. Often it helps to change your perspective and find inspiration at friends at home or during a walk in the forest.

Happy Journaling! :)


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