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5 creative tips to find more inspiration for journaling

Do you often wonder where you still get inspiration from, besides Pinterest and other artists? Today I want to share with you my top 5 tips to find inspiration for designing your bullet journal, new theme or layout ideas or for drawing cute doodles Through my work as an illustrator, I am always looking for new ideas, making sketches or often finding inspiration for my illustrations through different sources.

5 sources of inspiration - how to find ideas for your bullet journal, for creating cute doodles or drawing illustration art

  1. Nature: I always recommend to use nature and surroundings for research. Usually you have the best ideas and inspirations right in front of your door. I often go to a duck pond or look at beautiful houses and buildings. I take photos with my phone or make a quick drawing in my little sketchpad (which I always have in my pocket) for later. It also helps to change your perspective and find inspiration during a walk in the forest.

  2. Music: A playlist can do wonders in your search for inspiration and ideas! With the help of ready-made playlists I can completely immerse myself in the mood and atmosphere, no matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter - just give it a try.

  3. Movies: So many times, I have been inspired by movie scenes, actions or characters for illustrations and drawings. I have also integrated a complete Gilmore Girl theme into my Bullet Journal. I'm convinced that stories make the inspiration last more often. You get more involved with the details and often find more ideas, details and facets to a particular theme.

  4. Magazines/Books: I like to read a lot, but I also like to read different stories. I find inspiration from crime series in a different way than from romantic or funny stories. I think books can awake the creative sense and process and they offer a lot of inspiration. Of course, Magazines or journals can be a good alternative. With them, I often create my mood boards and vision boards. In my blog post "Visualizing Bullet Journal - Creating a moodboard in 3 steps" I told you more about this :)

  5. Interior and decorative items: However, I find the most inspiration in everyday objects. No matter whether the kitchen equipment or beautiful decorative items in the living room. I always look around very carefully at my friends homes and often find great things that can be easily represented or illustrated as doodles. Here, too, I often take a photo or make a sketch, otherwise I can't remember it. Next time you see something you like, just give it a try. You'll see that over time you'll accumulate some photos that you can use as themes for your journal.


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Happy Journaling! :)

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