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55+ ideas for your autumn bucket list

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As you already know, I create bucket lists for every season. I just love to have goals and experiences and then actually realize them. So what fits better than making a cute bucket list in your Bullet Journal? I have collected my best ideas for your autumn bucket list.

What's the meaning of "Bucket Lists" and what are the benefits?

The original idea behind it is to make a list of all the things and to do's that you absolutely want to experience before you die. You can write down different things, such as climbing a certain mountain, visiting a faraway country or buying a significant item. The list contains selected, personal life goals and serves on the one hand as motivation for the realization and on the other hand as a small reminder. In this way you never lose sight of your wishes and dreams and can gradually chop off what you have already experienced. The Bucket List is also known as "spoon list" (things you want to do before you kick the bucket).

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Hello October - Let's create new Bullet Journal spreads

I always include smaller bucket lists in my Bullet Journal. Here I have space to creatively write down all my wishes and dreams. I use this opportunity to keep track of my plans and experiences in certain seasons. Here are my best autumn bucket list ideas:

  1. wear cuddly sweaters

  2. jump into a pile of leaves

  3. make leaf art

  4. do autumn crafts

  5. visit a corn maze

  6. decorate for halloween

  7. spend a sunday at home

  8. bake cookies

  9. carve a pumpkin

  10. watch halloween movies

  11. read good books

  12. make a classic Thanksgiving meal

  13. bake apple pie

  14. bake pumpkin pie

  15. attend a fall festival

  16. get a special mug for autumn

  17. drink pumpkin spice latte

  18. drink hot chocolate

  19. visit a pumpkin patch

  20. pick some apples

  21. make caramel-coated apples

  22. carve your own latern

  23. making homemade gifts for loved ones

  24. celebrate the colors of the season in your Journal

  25. go for a walk

  26. collect autumn leaves

  27. take autumnal pictures

  28. buy roasted chestnuts

  29. make a autumn playlist

  30. do a fall movie night

  31. buy a cozy candle

  32. roast marshmallows

  33. go pumpkin picking

  34. create a dreamy autumn mood board

  35. drink apple cider

  36. cuddle up in a blanket

  37. plan a fall picnic

  38. wear fuzzy socks

  39. sit by the fire

  40. draw some autumn doodles

  41. visit the farmers market

  42. go on a hike

  43. start a puzzle

  44. create a gratitude list

  45. host a game night

  46. make a soup

  47. knit your own scarve

  48. go for a bike ride

  49. make jam

  50. visit a coffee house

  51. listen to the rain

  52. rewatch gilmore girls

  53. fly a kite

  54. breakfast in bed

  55. make yourself delicious tea

  56. dry a few flowers

  57. dry leaves

  58. paint something with watercolour

  59. have a campfire

  60. dress up for halloween

  61. make a fall wreath

  62. eat candy corn

  63. create some autumnal spreads in your bullet journal

Happy Journaling! :)

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