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Checklist for your perfect Bullet Journal Start

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Would you like to be more productive at last? Get more tasks done and plan your to-dos better? Maybe get a little creative, design your own planner or calendar? A Bullet Journal can be a great way to help you do that. If you are wondering what a bullet journal is, you can find more information below. What you need to start your own Bullet Journal and how you can get started right away, I have summarized in a small checklist.

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Your ultimate checklist for your Bullet Journal Start:

  1. What you need: a notebook, pens and highlighters

  2. This is how you start: Create a setup on the first pages of the notebook (e.g. table of contents, title page for the year, key, year overview, birthday calendar, goals for the whole year) More inspiration can be found here.

  3. Colorful or minimalistic: Choose a theme for your month and design a title page. You can either use many colors or design everything in black and white. For tips and ideas for your perfect Bullet Journal theme, click here.

  4. Create a monthly overview just like a calendar. The form you choose (e.g. table, box or list) is up to you.

  5. Create the first weekly overview for your month. You can use one page, a double page or even several pages.

  6. Motivation is important: Write small sayings or motivating sentences in your Bullet Journal.

  7. Get creative: Create a couple of trackers to keep track of your moods, habits, sleep patterns, income and expenses for the month.

  8. Create the second weekly overview for your month. Maybe you want to choose a new design? You can find my best ideas for your weekly spreads here.

  9. Even more lists: You can easily create a few pages where you write down different things (e.g. a book list with books you want to read this year or a collage with your favorite photos). In my blog post "Design pages simply" you will find a lot of inspiration.

  10. Create the third weekly overview for your month.

  11. More creativity and fun: Try to draw from a few scribbles or sketches, it takes a lot of practice anyway and you'll have plenty of space in your notebook.

  12. Create the last weekly overview for this month.

  13. End your month with a review: What were your highlights? What did you particularly like? Did you learn something new?

  14. Next month: Start again from the beginning with the checklist and simply add your own ideas to your personal, individual calendar.

If you would like to print out the list so that you always have it at hand, you will find the PDF for free download here as always:


Click here to go to the download


What is a bullet journal calendar and how is the notebook designed?

A Bullet Journal or Bujo helps to organize everyday life better and to get daily thoughts on paper in a simple but structured way. The nice thing about a journal is that you always keep track of upcoming tasks, appointments and excursions. At the same time, ideas, thoughts and goals can be written down easily and never get lost again. With the help of a Bullet Journal, everyone has the possibility to design their own calendar and adapt it to their own needs and preferences. Every month a new theme is chosen so that the pages can be designed creatively. The result is an individually designed notebook that is a practical everyday companion for work, study, mommies and family.

Would you like to know more about the Bullet Journal method and learn the whole principle? Then please read my blog post "The Bullet Journal Method".

What do you get from a Bullet Journal?

➝ Productivity

➝ Individuality

➝ Flexibility

➝ Creativity

For me, these are the four positive and most important effects of the Bullet Journal. I have been designing my own journal and planner for over 5 years and never get enough of it. Every month I choose a new topic that makes me particularly creative. I plan my weeks and months very flexibly and only include ideas that support me in my everyday life and living. Furthermore, each of my pages is totally individual and unique, nobody has the same calendar as I do. Creating a Bullet Journal is not only a lot of fun, but also super easy! Everybody can participate and become a part of the big and lovely community :)

Have fun while starting and Happy Journaling! :)

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