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Bullet Journal Freebie: Let's create a lovely bullet journal advent calendar

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It's that time of the year again and I couldn't be happier: gingerbread on the table, candles are burning, punch smelling throughout the house and there's a lot of cozy creative time at home. I love it! That's why I created this Bullet Journal Advent Calendar thing again this year, for me and of course for you! Get out your scissors, print out the template and make your own Bullet Journal Advent Calendar with me. On my Instagram channel, we will then (like last year) open a door together until Christmas is finally here. This year it's all about mindfulness, selflove and a peaceful pre christmas season. Enjoy crafting and journaling!!

Please find at the bottom of this blogpost my free pdf template for those cute Gingerbread house doodles and the lovely messages

How to use this advent calendar?

This cute advent calendar offers you the opportunity to open a "door" (or gingerbread house) every day until Christmas finally arrives. It's like a kind of countdown. In addition to the little houses, I created another template of reminders/sayings/to do's. So You can simply stick the little notes into little houses and let yourself be surprised every day.

Create your own Bullet Journal calendar in 3 steps

Step 1: Print out my templates. Then start with the gingerbread houses sheet. Cut out each one and fold them once in the middle. We need the left "blank" side to glue the houses into the journal later.

Step 2: Then take your journal and place all the little houses on a double page (little hint: I chose the order as on my template with the small notes, so I can stick the notes in order.) I always leave a little space at the top for my header. In the next step, glue the houses in the journal. After that jus pick up the template with the little notes and cut each one out individually. I wrote the numbers next to the little house-notes. So it's easier to find the right note matching the respective little house in the bujo. Stick the note into the matching house with the same "house number".

Step 3: To make it easier for me to turn the pages and not be bothered by the notes in the journal, I taped each door with some washi tape. So you can "really" open a door every day :)

Important: The template is created in A4 format. Please take this into account when printing. You can use a normal A4 paper.

Advent Calendar 2021 Somekindwords
Download PDF • 16.87MB

© Somekindwords | Julia Strycek. This file may never be duplicated or sold. For private use only.


Thanks for stopping by - If you like this idea, please leave me a comment with your feedback.

Happy Journaling! :)

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