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Bullet Journal set up idea for 2021 and matching sticker sets

Unpaid advertisement // Brand names are mentioned in this blog post

I've created another set up in my work journal, which you can easily implement in your own notebook as well. For this, I have created a cute cover page, a clean Future Log and an example for the first weekly overview in January. So you can implement this as a beginner also very easy! You can find in my shop a starter kit with the 4 necessary sticker sheets. I have created all the shown spreads with my own stickers. Of course, you can just draw the idea yourself in your journal, so now I'll show you what you need to do it and what pages I designed. Let's get started!

What do you need to create this aesthetic set up?

For the whole set up you only need:

  • a thick black fineliner (I mostly use no. 5 )

  • a thin black fineliner for details (I mostly use no. 005 )

  • a highlighter in your choice of color

  • a ruler for the frame

  • a brush pen for the headlines if you like (but it's not necessary)

  • the sticker set, in case you want to create exactly the same layout

Two versions - let your journal glow in blue or pink/green

A little hint for you: The two sticker-sets (blue version and pink/green version) are limited to 10 pieces per color set and there will be no restock

Here you can see the three spread ideas: the cover page, the future log and the weekly overview in blue. On this cover page I wrote the word "bullet" with the blue marker and then simply wrote the word "journal" with fineliner (NO. 5) in handlettering style. With this fineliner I also painted the black frame and wrote "2021" at the bottom.

At the future log I have created the small calendar for overview on the left side. Additionally I added some lines on the right with the fineliner (No. 5). So I can note important notes, events or birthdays for each month. The title is also written with the fineliner. For this spread I used a few sparkles from the sticker sheet. It's such a cute decoration for bullet journal spreads and a lovely motivational quote should also never be missing :)

The Weekly spread is very simple but effective for journaling. I set the blue highlights with the marker again and wrote the word "January" with the fineliner (No. 5). I also drew the boxes with the fineliner. The Washi Tape stickers are then super suitable for decoration. The days of the week are also included in the sticker set (even twice, if you like to design another spread).

Also take a look at the other color version. I created the cover page, future log and weekly spread also in pink/green. While I made you another layout for a weekly spread. Again, I only used the fineliner, one of the sticker sheets and the pink highlighter.


Would you like to use my aesthetic Sticker-Set?

Check out my Etsy Shop andand get one of the limited Starter Kits for your 2021 Journal. There are only 10 pieces of the blue set and 10 pieces of the pink/green set available. Visit Shop now!


Happy Journaling! :)

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