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Bullet Journal stationery stuff under 20€

Unpaid advertisement // Brand names are mentioned in this blog post

Hello guys ☾ and happy Sunday!

today I would like to talk a little bit about cheap but good materials for bullet journaling. I have some favorite pens, markers and cute stationery stuff that I would like to show you. In addition, I added my opinion and some pros and cons.

Favorite and helpful stationery stuff for the bullet journal under 20€


I usually take the set with 6 black fineliners (size 005, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8). These sizes are very practical for the bullet journal, for sketches, handlettering or doodles.

Pro: Different sizes, opaque black, do not press through 160 gsm paper

Contra: -

Prize: approx. 10,45€

They are available here: amazon

Tombow Brush Pens

These two brush pens are so handy. I do handlettering with them, but also paint doodles. The different tips bring different styles into my bujo.

Pro: soft and hard tip, opaque black, do not press through 160 gsm paper

Contra: You need a little practice for lettering

Prize: approx. 5,65€ (per set)

They are available here: amazon, Tombow shop

White gel pens

I still use these brands for white pens. They work reliably and the white is very opaque. The gelly roller from Sakura is super handy. The Acrylograph pen from Archer&Olive works just great.

Pro: Brilliant white for black or kraft paper pages.

Contra: the Acrylograph pen is only available as a set.

Prize: approx. 6,99€ (per set, Sakura gelly roll)

They are available here: amazon, A&O Shop

Foldback clips

I just love these clips, they look very cute in pictures and keep my notebook open while I work in the journal. They can also be used as additional clips for photos.

Pro: Helpful holder, beautiful and aesthetic

Contra: Cheap clips quickly break down as well

Prize: from EUR 5 up (per set)

They are available here: etsy, amazon

Aesthetic stick scissors

These scissors are really my favorite stationery piece right now. I find them very aesthetic, beautiful and practical for smaller works in the Bujo & scrapbook.

Pro: Perfect for small cutting jobs

Contra: You do not necessarily need

Prize: from EUR 5 up

They are available here: etsy

Pastel Highlighter

Stabilo Highlighters are a real must for me in Bullet Journal or Studygram