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Visualize your Bullet Journal - Create a moodboard in 3 steps

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With a mood board you can easily visualize ideas, moods or thoughts. In the classical sense it is often used in the design area. Here it supports projects and helps the customer to perceive the idea visualized. The project team therefore creates a mood board for the presentation of a concept. This principle can also be easily transferred to your Bullet Journal. I use the mood board to visualize my thoughts every month using selected images. The only thing you need are matching pictures or your own drawings that support and ultimately describe your idea.

Create your own mood board in the Bullet Journal in 3 steps

But how exactly do you create a moodboard? I'll show you in 3 steps how to adopt this form in your Bullet Journal set-up:

Step 1: First you choose your pictures. Here you can grab your camera and start to capture your thoughts, or just browse through some magazines for nice motives. But you should always keep in mind that these are not your own pictures and belong to someone else. Tip: Pay attention to the colour scheme, the pictures should fit well together and can be integrated into your monthly theme. You can also create a mood board without pictures. You can simply draw your own illustrations and bring your moods and thoughts to your Bullet Journal.

Step 2: Prepare all the pictures in your Bullet Journal. Before you attach everything directly, it is totally helpful to try out different combinations. Further down in this post I have also included some of my design ideas. But how you choose the arrangement is entirely up to you and your creativity.

Step 3: Use a glue stick to attach all the pictures. Add a nice lettering or a matching quota if you like. Different doodles or banners can be integrated at any time.

I create a mood board every month. Why? When I look back on past months after some time, the selected pictures always show me which thoughts and feelings have accompanied me during this month. Above all, I can often remember certain situations. This can often make you happy! :)

Inspiration list for the moodboard content

Of course, it is important that your moodboard fits you and your life. Nevertheless, a few thought-provoking impulses can stimulate your creativity, especially at the beginning. That's why I have collected my best ideas for image selection in this list.

  • Everyday objects, such as a photo frame, because you got one as a gift from a good friend.

  • Home furnishings, such as a sofa, because you liked to spend the whole month on the couch.

  • Food and drink, such as a pizza, because that was your favourite meal this month.

  • Items, such as some books, because you finished some great books that month.

  • Places, like a field or a forest, because you spent a lot of time there this month or you experienced a special moment.

  • People or animals, like laughing friends, because you had a great day with the girls this month or a sweet cat, because you had a great encounter with a lovely animal.

  • Plants and flowers, such as a bouquet of flowers, because this month you got a big bouquet of flowers for yourself.

  • Sports, such as a yoga mat, because you did a lot of yoga this month.

Visualizing thoughts and ideas - creative mood boards in the Bullet Journal

In addition to the list you will find here four of my moodboards. The first two I created with pictures only. The December Moodboard contains more text, because I added some notes here. The January one, however, I created exclusively with my own illustrations.

Happy Journaling! :)

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