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DIY Freebie: Christmas gift tags for printing and crafting

I have made some gift tags for Christmas you can create them very easy at home and you don't need much material for this little DIY project. If you want to lovingly wrap your gifts this year, you can simply use my free template and make some nice tags. Have fun and if you like, leave me a comment

Tutorial: create lovely tags for your christmas gifts in 3 steps

Step 1: Download my free template. You can print the page in A4 format (best in color). If you have a thicker paper, I recommend to print the template directly on it, then you can skip step 2.

Step 2: Then you glue the sheet on a craft paper or on a carton. So the tags are simply more stable and can be better bound to the gift.

Step 3: Then you cut out the tags. I have already marked the hole for the ribbon. Tip: Use a hole punch and simply make a hole on the mark.

The download is free of charge for you as always! You can access the PDF by clicking on the link below


Click here to get your free gift template


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Happy Sunday! :)

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