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DIY: Use test tubes as vases

On the weekend I was busy again and made something for our window front. I took the branch home with me a few weeks ago on our Sundaywalk. For a long time I wanted to tinker something with test tubes to bring more wood optics and nature into our apartment. Test tubes are not only a great window decoration, but they are also very suitable as small vases. I think as a combination of both and with different flowers (depending on the season) this DIY is versatile and really nice to look at.

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What you need:

  • ca. 2m white string

  • 1 branch from the forest

  • 4 test tubes

  • ca. 1m cord

  • different flowers or grasses

What to do:

Step 1

First you adjust the branch to the desired width. I really wanted to hang it on our window, so I had to saw off a small piece.

Step 2

Now you should cut the string to size. Add a little more, because it has to be wrapped around the neck of the test tube. I chose different lengths because I did not want to have all test tubes at the same height. Then you tie the string to the branch and wrap it around the top of the glass three more times. Now only tie it tightly and repeat for all four.

Step 3

Finally, cut off a piece of the cord and attach it to the right and left side of the branch. I used a piece of the cord above each knot and tied a loop. I just wanted to cover the knots with it, but it is not a must :) - Then put some flowers inside, fix them with a hook or something similar and the piece of jewelry is ready!

Have fun trying and decorating :)