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February and March bullet journal theme ideas

Hello guys and happy cozy sunday ☾

Are you already looking for a new theme for next month? I'm just thinking about something for February and have collected a few theme ideas for February and March. So today I'll share my inspiration with you and hope some of you guys will find an exciting topic for the next bullet journal month. Do you have any additions? Then feel free to write your ideas for our little community in the comments below

Aesthetic and cute theme ideas - design your next bullet journal month


  • flower of the month: violet

  • snowdrops

  • rose hips

  • cute birds

  • valentines day theme (pink/red hearts, pralines, chocolate, bouquets of flowers)

  • couple in love

  • winter squirrel

  • snowy window

  • birds returning to us

  • a winter theme (sleigh ride, snowflakes, winter cabins, cozy doodles, fir trees)

  • lights and lamps

  • moon and stars

  • fluffy clouds

  • coffee, hot drinks or tea

  • scapbook theme

  • daisies

  • books

  • cactus

  • dandelions

  • feathers and magic

  • starry night

  • snowglobes

  • northern lights and nature

  • astrology and planets

  • cinema theme (movies and popcorn)

  • magical bottles

  • music doodles

  • rainbow theme

  • sushi doodles

  • animal doodles

  • owls theme


  • flower of the month: daffodil

  • plant and flower doodles

  • houseplants

  • spring doodles (

  • eucalyptus

  • crocus

  • cherry blossom

  • sunshine

  • daisies

  • bees and honey

  • favorite series

  • picnic doodles

  • bicycle and flowers

  • cute polaroids

  • theme with dried flowers

  • skyline

  • butterflies

  • photography doodles

  • fruit doodles

  • lavender

  • boho theme

  • favorite city

  • bakery theme

  • strawberries

  • cherries

  • green leaves

  • greening trees

  • smoothies

  • letters

  • vegetable harvest

  • balcony plants

  • craft doodles

  • cute cats or dogs


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Happy Journaling! :)

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