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Start your Bullet Journal now - Free set up template for you

Unpaid advertisement // Brand names are mentioned in this blog post

Do you want to start your own Bullet Journal, but are still looking for the right idea? I have prepared a setup as a free template for you. The Set Up includes the first pages of each Bullet Journal before you start planning the months.

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What do you need to create this set up?

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If you want to trace the set up, you will find here all the materials I used for it:

Black fineliners (02 and S)

Brush Pen in purple/blue

Markers in purple/blue




Notebook dotted A5

What pages does the Bullet Journal Set Up include?

Of course everyone can start his journal with pages he needs for his life. For your perfect start I have designed the following pages in my template:

  • Index

  • Cover Page

  • Key

  • Future Log

  • Birthdays

  • Goals

This idea may be used and applied by any of you! It serves as a template and should inspire you as well as make it easier for you to get started creatively. So get started right away! :)

Just get started with my Bullet Journal Starter Template Set to print

There are 2 ways how to best use the template:

  1. Simply transfer the template to the first pages of your Bullet Journal. Simply copy each page into your Bujo.

  2. Download the template free of charge via the PDF button, print it out and trace it with a pencil. This works best if you put my template under your page in your notebook. At the window you can also copy the template, because the print template shines through well.

  3. Download the template via the PDF button and print it out. Then you can also fill out the lists directly without a notebook

Important note: The template is created in A5 format (this is the size of one page in the notebook). Please take this into account when printing. You can also simply print two pages on an A4 paper and then cut through.


Here's a little preview of what to expect:

What happens after the set up pages in the Bullet Journal?

After the page for your annual goals you simply start with your first monthly theme. Here you can directly design a cover page for the coming month, prepare a monthly overview and your first weekly overview. This way you can plan all coming months of the year in your personal notebook and planner. For more productivity and the perfect organization of your to dos.

Happy Journaling! :)


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