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How to create a cute bullet journal advent calendar

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I love Christmas and all its traditions very much. So I have created my own little advent calendar for my Bullet Journal I will show you today in my blog post how this little diy works and how you can easily create your own bujo calendar. At the bottom you can find my free template for the number stickers and the small notes to print

How to use an advent calendar?

With the small calendar you have the possibility to open a door every day from the 1st to the 24th of December, where a little note from me is hidden for you. So we count the days until Christmas together. You will find the template for this at the bottom. You can download it for free.

Create your own calendar in 4 steps - Step-by-step instruction

Step 1: Print out my templates. First the sticker sheet with the numbers and then the 3 pages with the notes. I used a double page and another single page for my Advent calendar in my Bullet Journal. I added the advent calendar after my November setup, before my December planning comes.

Step 2: Once you have printed everything, you cut everything out. Then you fold each piece of paper once in the middle (as shown in the picture).

Step 3: Then I sketched a headline in the Bullet Journal and thought about how I wanted to arrange the notes. I found it best to place 18 doors on the double page. I glued the last 6 on the single page. Then I glued them all (always glue the right side with the writing). As soon as everything was dry, I wrote the final headline with a black brush pen and a brown crayola pen.

Step 4: To make it easier for me to turn the pages and not be bothered by the notes in the journal, I taped each door with a little Washi tape. To do this, simply cut off your favorite tape and glue the pieces of paper. So you can "really" open a door every day :)

Important: The template is created in A4 format. Please take this into account when printing. You can use a normal A4 paper.

You can find the template in my download area on the blog. Here you can download and print the sheets for free by clicking the PDF button below the picture.


Thanks for stopping by - If you liked the idea, please leave me a comment!

Happy Journaling! :)

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