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How-to: Easter Gift Tags with gouache

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Today I made myself a few gift tags for Easter. I painted a few cute Easter motifs with gouache and wrote a matching lettering with fineliners. I used my template, which you can find at the bottom of this blogpost for free download. If you also feel like painting some gift tags with gouache (goes just as well with watercolors) or making some gift tags together with your kids, check out my step-by-step tutorial. Happy Sunday and haven fun ✿

Check out my new YouTube video to go with this simple crafting:


  1. Print out my free template for creating these gift tags.

  2. Cut out the gift tags. A 90 gsm printer paper can also be used but is very thin. I recommend to glue the printed sheet on cardboard and then cut out the gift tags. OR as I did, cut out a gift tag from the template and use it as a stencil. Then cut out more gift tags from watercolor paper or other thicker paper.

  3. You'll need a few materials for this DIY: gouache colors (or watercolor), brush with thin tip, brush with wide tip, fineliner in black (I used pigma microns no. 005 and no. 1), a pencil for sketching, auquacolor pencils (but you can also do everything only with gouache or watercolors), cord or ribbon, a hole punch.

Here you can see, how I first printed out the template and used it as a stencil. I drew the gift tags on an watercolor paper (it's better for drawing with gouache or watercolor) and cut them out. Then I sketched my motifs with a pencil. I'll show you step-by-step how to make these cute gift tags just like I did. Get the scissors and let's go! :)

Gift Tag with yellow bird

For this sweet motif, we need a sketch first of all. I always do this very light with a pencil, so we can just paint over it later. I have prepared for you in the next picture a small "how-to-draw" tutorial for the little bird. Maybe it will be a little bit easier to sketch it.

Next we paint the bird with the yellow color. I always start with a lot of water first and get a little darker later. This is always particularly important for me when painting (you can always get darker, after all). While the bird dries, I already paint the flowers with a light pink and black. For the plant branches I take a dark green. Additionally I paint a small heart in light pink.

Then I go over the bird again with a darker yellow tone. The feet of the bird I also paint in a dark tone. For the wing and the beak I use an ochre yellow, which gives a little contrast. Often when I paint such small gouache pictures, I take a watercolor pencil and draw the contours. This simply gives again a little contrast and rounds everything off. I use a yellow pen for ther little bird. Finally, I write on top, where still is some space left, a "Happy Easter" lettering with the black fineliner. At the very end, I take the hole punch and make a hole in the top of the gift tag. So I attach a little string that I'm able to tie it on the gift later.

Gift Tag with sleeping bunny face

This cute gift tag with a bunny face is really so simple. I use only a watercolor pen for the pink passages and otherwise I work with a black fineliner. I paint first the two ears with the Pigma Micron no. 1. Then I paint the eyes below and I add a few eyelashes. For this I use the Pigma Micron no. 005. As a nose I paint a heart and add a few dots on the right and left. At the end I take a light pink watercolor pencil for details (or wood pencil, also works with watercolor or gouache!) and paint pink cheeks. In addition, the inside of the ears. As mentioned above, you can make a hole with a hole punch and then attach a string. Already the little Easter bunny is ready.

Gift Tag with moon bunny

As a third motif I would like to paint a small bunny sitting under the moon. Already you can see, my colors are always very bright and chosen in pastel variant. You can always work with stronger gouache colors. To do this, you dilute the color just not like me with a lot of water, use it directly from the paint tube. I have added in the next picture again a small how-to-draw tutrorial for the bunny.

For the bunny I use a brown color with a lot of water. I start bright again so that I can get darker later. As long as the bunny dries, I paint the moon with a dark yellow. Then I would like to draw a little meadow. I take a thin brush and a dark green. For this I paint a few individual strokes. With some yellow circles, the meadow looks like dandelions grew on it. Then I paint the outline of the bunny again with a watercolor pencil in brown. I always take rather a darker color for this part. For the eye and the lettering I use again the Pigma Micron no. 1. Then make a hole with the hole punch, pull the cord through and ready is the third gift tag.

I hope you will find this simple DIY project just as beautiful as I do. I'm glad if I could give you a little inspiration for Easter and I am always happy about feedback. So feel free to leave a comment <3 I love gift tags and I make myself for any occasion such sweet tags. They are great to hang on gifts, are personal and just look cute.

Click here to get my free gift tag template:

Gift Tags Template @somekindwords blog
Download • 287KB

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Happy crafting! :)

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