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How-to-letter: January Bullet Journal header ideas

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Hello guys and happy cozy new year

I created a little tutorial for you with some nice handlettering ideas for our Janaury Journals. So you can easily make your headlines in each spread special and beautiful. I've listed all the materials so you can use different pens (not just brush pens!) for handlettering practice. If you've been keeping your bullet journal for a while, you may find inspiration and a new idea to use in Janaury. If you're just starting out, maybe you've just started your bullet journal this year, here's a little guide to help you create beautiful headers. So let's get started

8 ways to letter "January" - Aesthetic handlettering ideas for beginners

I write headings quite often simply with a fineliner. Here I have used the Pigma Micron Pen in size 05. The letters, I have simply written in block letters. This headline always looks nice and is the absolute basic for me in the journal. Later you can add shading, color accents or additional styles.

Another little helper when it comes to handlettering is this brush pen from tombow. He is black and helps a lot when you start with handletterin and want to write beautiful header. I have designed a simple lettering for you here. I love this simple style and use this very often in my journal.

This is my absolute favorite header. I always write this with the thinnest fineliner I own, the Pigma Micron in size 005. I think this header looks simply delicate and totally aesthetic. The lettering I always pull a little bit in length and write the letters in cursive, far apart and put a few "squiggles" in front and behind.

The delicate lettering I use also often in conjunction with a highlighter. Here I have used a yellow Stabilo marker and have written the word "January" in block letters. It's important to use a bright highlighter. A dark color does not work well. In the second step, I write with the Micron Fineliner in size 005 again januar over it. I love this header combination and think it looks just great.

With the Crayola Supertips, you can also write and letter beautifully. These pens are actually used by everyone in the bullet journal community. They are inexpensive and the colors are still beautiful. The felt tip pens have a slightly thicker tip, but can still be very well guided when writing and do not write too thick.I love the dark colors in combination with my white Gelly Roller from Sakura in size 10. Here, for example, I let a few points flow in.

Who doesn't know them, the Tombow Abt dual brush pens. Beautiful colors, great tip for professional handlettering and calligraphy. I always like it especially here to work with shading. With the Pigma Micron in size 005 I have set a few "strokes" along the lettering, so simply creates a small effect.

These pens are often so underrated in bullet journaling, even though almost everyone has them at home and the colors look so bright. I use the Stabilo Point 88 very often because I simply work a lot with fineliners. Especially at the start you get a super header with them.

Of course, my new metallic pens from Stabilo must not be missing. The green I love especially because I find the color just great. The pens shine very on white or black paper. SO you can create unique headlines even without brush pen. Here I have written in block letters, but have set the lines very far down. This gives a slightly different effect for the font.

Maybe you could discover some inspiration, a hint or a new headline. I hope you have fun creating your January spreads, designing your headlines or just practicing your handlettering.

Have you never tried handlettering before and are brand new to it? Then check out my blog post for your perfect start. Here you will find my best tips, tricks and a little introduction. Oh yes, I also have free templates for you. You can print them out again and again and practice. You can get the free printable here.


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Happy Journaling! :)


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