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Tutorial: How to sketch cute winter doodles

Are you looking for some aesthetic winter doodle ideas for your bullet journal or calendar? I have thought of new simple doodles that you can easy trace or create in your own journal. I wrote a short explanation with a few hints for each doodle idea. At the bottom you can find my free printable as always. With it, you can print out the Doodles and copy them directly into your Bullet Journal. Hope you'll like my new ideas, so let's doodle together! :)

Let's doodle some aesthetic winter and christmas doodles

Here you can find my best tips and tricks for easy doodling. Please always remember that this is about scribbling. No line has to be 100% perfect, colors can be chosen arbitrarily and it should be fun. In Bullet Journaling, Doodles support you in displaying thoughts or text as characters or to embellish spreads.

  1. Ice skates: To paint skates is really not difficult. First you paint two shoes or a kind of socks. Below you prepare the holders for the blades. Then you doodle the oval shape and add a loop on top of the skate. At the end I have added some details. The laces and a band that holds the two skates together.

  2. Gift and Mistletoe branch: Gifts are super easy to draw. Just choose a basic shape like a rectangle or square. Then draw a ribbon and decorate the paper like me with some dots, stars or stripes. At the mistletoe you start with the branches and then add some oval circles. So it looks like a branch with leaves hanging down. At the end I just added a lovely bow on the stem.

  3. Snow Hut: With houses, I always start with the basic form that I think up. There are so many different types of houses, so just pick one. Then I paint the windows and doors inside. For the windows you can also choose a variant (here I chose small squares). Finally, you simply add winter decorations. I have added a string of lights on the roof here.

  4. Snowflakes: To doodle beautiful snowflakes, I first start with the strokes. Then you can decorate the stitches as you wish. I have shown you two variations and you see that they both seem totally different. I think to bring snowflakes to life it is important to add a few details (e.g. snow or stars flying around).

Get my free printable and create your own doodle spreads

Just click here and to get to my download area. There you will find all my free templates for you and you can save the PDF directly. If you try the doodles, I would be very happy if you tag me or use our community hashtag #somekindwords , I would love to see how you implement it.

Happy doodling guys! :)

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