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Minimalistic Bullet Journal template for printing

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Do you want to start your own Bullet Journal without much effort? Then my minimalistic free template is just the right thing. So you can start directly with your own Bullet Journal. Best of all, you don't need any artistic skills or handlettering techniques. Bullet Journaling is originally about writing down tasks and events in a notebook in a sorted way and getting better organized in everyday life. If you need more information about the method itself, you can find all the answers in my blog post "The Bullet Journal Method - What is a Bullet Journal?"

Which templates are included?

Each Bullet Journal is of course individual and designed by each person. Therefore there are many possibilities to fill single pages in the notebook. In my minimalistic template for printing you will find the following pages:

  • General weekly overview

  • General monthly overview

  • Habit Tracker

  • "One word a day" page

Each page is general, i.e. you can print the template for the weekly & monthly overview every week again and use it for any month.

Start with my simple template your Bullet Journal

There are 2 ways how to best use the template:

  1. Simply transfer the template to your Bullet Journal. Simply copy each page into your Bujo.

  2. Download the template via the PDF button and print it out. Fill out the templates directly without a notebook.

Important note: The template is created in A4 format. Please take this into account when printing. You can print the template on A4 paper and use it afterwards.


Click here to check out the download


Enjoy the start and

Happy Journaling :)