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How I use my Bullet Journal - Let's talk about my monthly setup and journaling routine

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Hello and happy Sunday ♥ ☾ today I would like to talk a bit about my journaling routine. I often get questions from the community about how to use the bullet journal efficiently in everyday life. So what includes everyday journaling? That's why I want to go into more detail in this blog post. In addition, I would like to talk about the monthly design of my journal. Specifically, I'll show you once how my bullet journal month is structured and which pages I always use. So let's get started right away :)

How I use my bullet journal efficiently in everyday life - Journaling Routine

Before a month starts, I always design all my bullet journal spreads for the upcoming month.

At the beginning of each month, I fill out my project page. Here I usually write down 2-3 projects for the new month that I would like to check off. In addition, on the same page in the journal, I write down what I'm looking forward to this month. This way, I make myself aware of what positive events are coming up. I usually set two small goals that I would like to achieve in the new month. I write these down on my monthly overview.

At the end of each month, I fill out my review page in my bullet journal. I write down a few reminders and usually jot down 5-6 highlights that happened that month. After that, I often jot down which songs I listened to up and down (it's just a nice reminder for me because I associate a lot with music). Sometimes I write down when I received gifts or note formative historical events. It's important to be aware of positive events in order to perceive that strength. This way you can influence your mindset and live happier. Professional milestones or project completions also find their place here.

On the weekend, I always create the new weekly overview for the coming week. This is an important ritual for me. So I make myself aware of my tasks for the new week and can choose a suitable layout. Here I also often enter more things in my monta overview or create a few more fun pages in my journal (which are just fun, for example, a few doodles or a beautiful illustration with watercolors).

Every day I fill out my trackers. With my habit tracker I have the possibility to write down and track my habits (like days I do yoga, days I read or days I drink at least 2L of water). This helps me and motivates me a lot to put these habits into action. I use my mood tracker to make myself aware of how my mood was throughout the day on a daily basis. The cleaning schedule and plant tracker reminds me of my household tasks. This way I always have an overview. Then I write something on my gratitude page every day or I write down a word that describes this day. It always depends on which version I use that month, sometimes a Gratitude Spread and other times a "One Word a Day" page. Finally, the most important thing - I check off my tasks in the weekly overview during the day. In the evening I always check what I have done and if necessary I postpone the tasks to the next day. With the bullet journal method it is important to plan and postpone to-do's with the weekly overview, should they not be done. The next day, the missed task is then back on the schedule.

What pages do I create in my bullet journal each month?

A bullet journal should always be designed individually. Exactly so that it fits you and your life. In order not to lose the fun of the journal, you should create pages every month that you also need and like to fill out. What's the point of a bujo with a great designed spread, but never filled out? A bullet journal is meant to accompany you, help you clean up your mess in everyday life, and be a faithful companion. So when you design a habit tracker, pick a layout that you love to fill out.

My month always begins with a title page. Here I usually always pick up a new theme that then eventually runs through my whole month. For me, this method is easier because I like to doodle and be creative with my Bujo pages. Of course, you can also just design each page somehow and in different colors - that's up to you.

Then I create a monthly calendar for myself and if there is still room, I create another page with beautiful lettering and quotes. My monthly calendar is often the same because I like the table layout and like to fill it in. It's not a must, but I like to practice my handlettering specifically once a month. In the next step, I'm going to design a Mood Tracker, a Habit Tracker (with book and sleep trackers) and a cleaning schedule including a plant tracker. Be sure to tailor the tracker pages to you and your life. They help you write down your habits, your mood or your tasks. At the end of the month, you'll see what you've accomplished and if you've adopted a new habit well. If I feel like it, I often integrate a self-care tracker here. So I'll pay more attention to myself and consciously take time for myself.

As soon as my trackers are up, I usually continue with the gratitude page (here I write down daily what I'm grateful for today) or the "one word a day" page (here I always describe the day with a single word). I usually decide this on a whim. Since a few months I always make a page for upcoming projects. Here I always note at the beginning of the month what I am looking forward to this month. This helps me get off to a good start at the turn of the month.

My weekly overviews for the new week, I then create every week on the weekend. This is a journaling routine for me as described above and extremely important for my weekly planning. If you don't want to do this, you can of course create all the weekly overviews already at the beginning of the month.

For me, a monthly review belongs in every bullet journal. It's such a great way to reflect on the past month while being aware of events, experiences and memories. It's important, especially at these times, to be aware of positive experiences. The days and weeks fly by so quickly that it doesn't hurt to jot down a few memories, favorite foods, favorite songs, or a few highlights in your journal.

Of course there are endless possibilities to fill the pages in the bullet journal. I've been using this method since 2016 and already have a very good routine. Still, I often try new spreads and see if they work for me. Then I include them in my Bujo setup. As soon as I don't enjoy something, it flies out of my monthly setup.


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Happy Journaling! :)

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