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My Bullet Journal set up idea for 2021

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I started my new journal this month know many of you will start a completely new Bullet Journal only at the beginning of the year. I don't do it that way, because I never use only one notebook for the whole year ( usually need 3 ✎) and I always use all pages. I also don't want to limit my creativity and organization to certain page numbers. As soon as one journal is full, I start a new one. My new setup therefore includes the last months of 2020 and the first half year of 2021. So I will not start a new journal in January. Today I'll show you my new setup as inspiration. For each page I have written a short note, so you can see how I always use the pages and why the layout was chosen that way.

Bullet Journal set up idea for 2021 - How to design the first notebook pages

Cover Page

As you can easily see my favorite color is blue. That's why I usually design my complete set up in my favorite color and create all spreads very simple. I think these pages must be very functional. For my cover page I simply combined all my favorite doodles and designed a simple cover. It contains my favorite season autumn, my hobbies like reading, my life motto (cozy life) and simply reflects my mood.

Key and Index

In my opinion, you have to set the key the way you use your bullets. I have been using the selected bullets for several years now and I organize my weekly overviews according to this principle. I draw a circle before each to do. As soon as the task is done by me, I paint the circle black. If I did not complete the task and postpone it until tomorrow, I cross out the task and write down the to-do for the next day. If I only have a small marginal note, I paint an arrow. In front of each idea I write an exclamation mark. Events get a small sparkle, if necessary.

I always create an index, because I think every structured notebook and bullet journal needs a little overview at the beginning. So you know even after years, which months are included and which spreads you have created.

Future log

This Future log contains only mini calendars, but that is enough for me. In the columns I can always write tasks, events or to-dos that will occur in a certain month. Later I will take this over into my respective monthly or weekly overview. Also this layout is super simple and clean. In the boxes at the bottom I always draw my theme, which I have done in the respective month.

Birthdays and goals

As already described, I started my new journal this month (November 2020) and will continue to use it for next year. For birthdays I have painted this time some cute boxes for every month. The birthday names are then simply put into the respective month box. My goal page is always super easy. I think nothing should distract me here. Goals should always be clearly focused and simply formulated.

Mindset and when did I last

This time I created a mindset spread with small notes. I read many mindset books or blogs. Often there are small motivating quotes that remind you what really counts in life. Often there are just meaningful words that motivate or inspire me and simply make me happy. So I decided to collect them here, that I don't forget them and use this spread as a small reminder.

The "when did i last list" should never be missing in my bullet journal. Why? Quite simply. There are simply different tasks, which should be done by me at least every half year. This list reminds me e.g. of the last time I created a cell phone backup. This spread is really so helpful guys and I love the idea behind!

Book list, wishlist and things to learn

Books that I still want to read or book titles that I do not want to forget, I note down on my book list. Wishes that I have I always write down in my journal. After all, there is no better place for it and should someone ask me if I have birthday wishes, I always have a wish handy. Moreover, I no longer forget to fulfill a long-awaited wish myself every now and then. I still make myself a small "things to learn list" for this. In this way I can remind myself again and again to develop myself further and take new projects into my own hands.


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Happy Journaling! :)

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