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My second Bullet Journal Setup 2021

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As most of you already know, I don't use just one notebook per year but usually I use 2-3 books. As soon as my bullet journal is full, I create a new set up and transfer the data from my previous journal into the new one. Since I will be starting my new journal in May, my yearly overview will also start from this month. I hope you find a little inspiration from my first pages in the journal. Additionally, as always, there is a short explanation for each page so you know exactly, what every page can be used for. I kept my new set up simple and I focus on functionality with a few cute doodles. Enjoy reading :)

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Bullet Journal Set Up idea for 2021 - This is how you simply design the first pages

Key and Cover Page - lovely cover page with cute doodles

The "Key" page is a very important overview in bullet journaling. Here you can arrange your bullets and choose which characters you want to use for different functions. In the picture you can see my bullets, which have been with me for more than 5 years. They help me to structure my tasks etc. in my weekly overviews. I always keep my key page very clean and simple, so I always have a perfect and quick overview.

For my cover design, I went for some cute but simple doodles. When choosing my little illustrations, I pay attention to things that I like a lot right now or that describe me and my style a little bit. After all, it is my bullet journal and also the cover will accompany you for the next few months. In addition, I drew a black frame with a Micron Pigma Fineliner (No. 5). So the page gets a nice look and it becomes an overall picture. I chose a nice purple-blue for my set up (this is my favorite color // Tombow No. 553) in combination with a salmon-pink. Additionally, I used gouache colors (Arteza Gouache) for painting the clouds (purple-blue and gray). I decided to go with a beautiful lettering for "2021", so I used an elongated font. I always think it looks totally aesthetic and pretty! :)

Index - a table of contents for your journal

For me, a structured table of contents belongs in every well-structured bullet journal. I always go for a functional layout for this overview as well. I wrote the overview in columns and started at the top left. So I wrote everything to the bottom and the I'll using the right column afterwards. As soon as this is filled, I simply continue writing on the next page. This works for me very well :) This time, I used some nice washi tapes as a cute decoration in the middle of the page. It's such a cute and pretty divider!

Future Log - the yearly overview in the bullet journal

I tried a whole new layout for the yearly overview. I want to have a better overview of individual weekdays in the new journal. That's why I decided on this detailed layout, so that I can already enter important dates, birthdays or tasks here. Later I will be ablte to transfer these events directly into my weekly overviews. I think this will make the process a little bit easier for me. The weekends, I have additionally marked with Tombows (Tombow No. 553 and N89). The mini calendars always give a quick overview of the month and they help a lot for planning issues, so I decided to add some cute calendars too.

Goals and Mindset - write down goals and expand your mindset

I always create an extra page in the bullet journal for my goals for the whole year. Since this is my second journal this year, I'm taking over most of the goals I wrote down at the beginning of 2021. For this page, I used a Pigma Micron (No. 5) to paint a nice frame. I added some floral doodles and I painted the dots with the purple-blue Tombow brush pen. Then I wrote the numbers with a black Pigma Micron (No. 3). Subsequently, I have placed below again two Washi Tapes, which overlap a little.

For my mindset quotes page, I wanted to create an open layout in this set up idea with a plenty of room for my notes. As decoration I added some cute mushroom doodles here. Currently, I really like this style and I wanted to embellish my pages a bit in this direction. By the way, on this page I always write down quotes, sayings or words that are important for my positive mindset and my attitude towards life. So I always have a few reminders or hints ready to hand.

When did I last and Household - more structure in everyday life

A "When did I last" page has been in my bullet journal for a long time. For me, the page is an important reminder of all the things I don't do regularly. I often asked myself when I actually did certain activities last. Most of the time I forgot the exact date or the time period in the meantime. With this spread, that doesn't happen to me anymore. In the marked boxes, I always note the date e.g. when I last cleaned the fridge. A really useful tool in the bullet journal, which I recommend to everyone :) I have painted again some cute clouds with gouache paint and brush. For the headlines, I used a Pigma Micron pen (No. 3). I used the purple-blue Tombow as a marker for all the boxes and at the bottom of the page I placed again some washi tape. I also find this version, where the top tape is only placed in the middle, very pretty.

I created a page for the household for the very first time. I don't know yet how it works, but I really wanted to have an overview of all the activities that need to be done. Especially the division into "daily, weekly and monthly" was very important to me. I always find it very helpful to have an overview of the essential tasks. This way you can't forget anything and don't get into stress. For the strokes and the text I used a Pigma Micron (No. 3) again. For marking all details, I used a light gray Tombow Dual Brush Pen (No. N89).

Selfcare, Wishlist and Booklist

The Selfcare overview is also a new addition to my bullet journal. I thought it might be helpful to jot down some nice reminders and ideas. I'll take more care of myself this year and I'll do a lot of things I really like and enjoy to do. But often that's not so easy in the stressful everyday life. Therefore, this spread is a regulary reminder for myself. I really hope it works :) With the wish list and book list on the other hand, old familiar and very functional pages find their way into my set up. I like both layouts very much. With the wish list, all my wishes that occur to me over the year can be noted. The cute book doodles offer enough space for all the books, I will read in the next months. At the end of the year I have a great overview and see exactly what I have managed to read. I wrote all the headings with the Pigma Micron Fineliner in black (No. 3). I also created all the boxes and books with the Fineliner in No. 5. For small doodles I also use the Pigma Microns but mostly in No. 005 or 1. The two boxes on the top of my selfcare page (checkered and with lines) are stickers from my store.

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Happy Journaling! :)

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