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Review: Using Tombow ABT Brush Pens in the Bullet Journal

Unpaid advertisement // Brand names are mentioned in this blog post

As you may have seen now, I almost always use the Tombow Brush Pens to design my Bullet Journal. So today I would like to tell you a little bit about the pens and you can get to know the Tombows a little bit. I will also show you how you can use the pens in your Bujo! :) There are so many great pens and markers that can be used as daily companions in the Bullet Journal. The choice is often not easy and a few pros and cons can be very helpful.

There is an unbelievably wide range of colors, of which you can see only a small part on my picture. You can buy the pens individually, in smaller packs with different color combinations, sorted by themes or as a complete box with all 108 colors. Since I also use other pens for my journal and the Tombows are rather in the higher price category, I prefer to buy special colors from time to time. But I personally think the price is justified because the quality of the colors is very good and the pens are incredibly durable. In addition, they are functionally very different and can be used in different ways:

  • For writing

  • As brush pen for handlettering

  • As felt-tip pen for painting

  • As highlighter for marking

The pencils are water-based. I often use the second side of the pen, which is equipped with a thin felt-tip pen. This side is good for details or shades with more opacity.

On the picture I have designed a page to show you how I use the Tombow Dual Brush Pens in my Bullet Journal. I use them to create nice headlines, which are an important part of the Bullet Journal method. Doodles I usually draw with fineliner and then add nice color accents with the Tombows. For this I use only these pens, because the opacity of the colors is not too strong and accents are very important for me, especially when drawing. I often use the pens as highlighters, because you can still read the original text very well.

In my opinion, the Tombows are the best choice for a nice bullet journal design as well as for handlettering (also for beginners). I simply like it very much that the opacity of the colors is not too strong, that the pens in my journal never push through (no ghosting!) and that you can set super accents. In doing so the colors hardly ever smudge, and they quickly sink into the notebook. I always find this very important, because I don't want to wait until the pens are dry and I can continue. Especially the handling and functionality of the pens really convinced me and I recommend the Tombows anytime.

I would like to point out that I bought all products myself and use them for my private use. There is no cooperation with the mentioned company/brand.

Happy Journaling! :)

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