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Tutorial: easy autumn doodles and free template for tracing

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Are you looking for some autumn doodle ideas for your bullet journal or calendar? I have a few simple doodle ideas that you can trace immediately. As a little help you will find a template to print out. This way you can easily sign the doodles and practice. I practiced for a long time until I was able to doodle without a template. Therefore it is always helpful to use simple templates, especially if you want to try out some new ideas. So let's doodle together! :)

How to doodle cute and easy autumn doodles?

Here you can find my best tips and tricks for easy doodling. Please always remember that this is about scribbling. No line has to be 100% perfect, colors can be chosen arbitrarily and it should be fun. In Bullet Journaling, Doodles support you in displaying thoughts or text as characters or to embellish spreads.

This small tea bag is really super easy to draw. It is always best to start with the basic shape. Through the swing of the inner line the scribbling simply looks more alive.That's how I always proceed in principle, the details I always do at the end. You can decorate the lower part as you like, I have chosen a few sparkles here.

I always find such pumpkins a bit difficult to draw freehand. For me, the best way is to draw the inner oval first and then add the outer ones. I always like to paint a few sweet details at the end, but it is not important.

Straight plant doodles are super easy with a little practice. I always orientate myself on the real plant. Here you should always concentrate on the stalk of the plant first and then add the "fruits" or "flowers". I always paint the leaves at the end, depending on where there is still space.

Autumn leaves are great for embellishing spreads. You only have to doodle a few falling leaves. To make them look more alive, I always change the stem a little bit and put the forms criss-cross.

Maple leaves can be easily traced. For this I always start with the leaf veins. You can orientate yourself on them and then complete the leaf shape.

Finally I added some autumn essentials (because it's fun). For everyday objects I always start with the basic form. In the second step I add more basic details. At the end I paint a few loving details.

Get my free printable - Simply trace my doodle ideas

Just click on the picture and you will get to my download area. There you will find all my free templates for you and you can save the PDF directly. If you try the doodles, I would be very happy if you tag me or use our community hashtag #somekindwords :) I would love to see how you implement it.

Happy doodling guys! :)

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