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Winter DIY: self-designed pillowcases with lettering and doodles

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Hello guys ! :) Yaaaay it's finally winter and christmas! This week I made a winter handicraft and I want to give you a short instruction here on my blog. Maybe you want to create a cute pillowcase with handlettering and little doodles? I simply love to create and use unique items. I bought the used materials online and linked them here, so you can check out where I got the stuff from. I have decorated our couch for christmas a bit, but will certainly create again a few pillows for spring season. I find them just unique and so beautiful. I hope you like my idea and I could inspire you a little bit - so merry christmas!

What materials do you need for this DIY?

Here you can find a small overview with all materials I used for this DIY. Basically, I make sure that I use high quality materials which are nevertheless inexpensive.

Step-by-step instruction - how to create your pillowcase with lettering and doodles

Today I'll give you a little tutorial to easily create your own pillowcases for christmas, spring, summer or autumn. I will also make myself some in the spring and of course I'll give you an update. Your homemade pillows are not only waterproof, but also heat resistant (iron).

Step 1: If you want to use a template, just print out a lettering you like on an A4 sheet and put it into the pillow. Then you can trace the lines directly on the blank case with a pencil. Of course, you can also just draw like me and paint what you want.

.Step 2: Now put a large piece of cardboard or thicker paper into the pillowcase, so that the paint does not press through to the back of the pillowcase while painting. Then you can simply start tracing the contours with the black marker or color if you like. I've used the Arteza Pen for the Lettering part and created the doodles with a brush and the magicfly colors. I applied them on a mixing palette and traced the lines about 3 times because I wanted to make sure that it is clearly visible. By the way, I chose the Arteza pens because they have a normal tip on one side and an extra handlettering tip on the other side of the pen.

Step 3: Once you've painted the doodles and your handlettering, let the case dry for about 24 hours. I just let both pillowcases dry for a whole night. It is important that they can lie spread out on a flat surface.

Step 4: Once dry, iron the reverse side of the fabric at 107° F /41° C (cotton setting!) for 3 to 5 minutes. And already you have created your unique, individual pillowcase. Normally, this is not necessary for the magicfly colors. But I ironed the pillows because it is mandatory for the Arteza colors. For me it has had no effect on the fabric colors of magifly (no guarantee that it works). Just make sure you don't iron too long or too hot.

Let's create some cute and aesthetic pillowcases

And don't you think this DIY is super easy and quick to make? In addition, you simply have unique pillows at home that no one else has. Anyway, I think you can create very beautiful decorations for your home with handlettering and doodles. As soon as I have created my spring pillows, there will be an update on the blog with even more inspiration. Until then, thanks for stopping by

Have fun with your unique pieces! :)