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Hey, I'm Julia from Germany :) I am 29 years old and I'm working as an online marketing manager. Then, I work also part-time self-employed as an illustrator & designer. Some of my Designs can be found in my little etsy shop, just like handpainted stickers and many other beautiful products. 


To share ideas and inspiration with my community, I've been blogging on Somekindwords for more than 2 years about my bullet journal, my love for art as well as beautiful designs & fonts.


I am a very creative person, I love to celebrate the cozy life and I always find inspiring things in everyday life. I love to paint with gouache & watercolor, design my bullet journal every month and I totally love to craft. Autumn with all its colors is my favorite season. Fairy lights and candles make me happy and the little things in life count most for me. In my free time I like to do things with friends, read good books, drink coffee or travel to different cities. I am very down to earth and I like to be organized. On my blog, I want to share my passion for the bullet journal method and I am happy to share some creativity and inspiration with you. Somekindart is my personal creative studio, my place for all the creative thoughts and a place special for lovely, aesthetic designs.



Check out my portfolio, sketches and art pieces to learn more about my style

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Content Creation

Fun Collaborations with clients like


Services and

Cute Illustrations

Illustrations for children's books, nursery art or products like stickers, clothes, toys...

Fun Content Creation

Co-blogging: I explain how I use your product like calendars, notebooks, sketchbooks, art supplies & more.

Kind Designs

Interested in wholesale? I'd be happy to deliver my designs, sticker sheets & more to your business or store!

Please feel free to contact me for art projects, designs, wholesale or content creation like co-blogging & more.

Thank you for your message. I will take care of your request as soon as possible.

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