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Bullet Journal Freebie: Let's create the 2023 Bujo Advent Calendar

I'm so happy to share this years bullet journal advent calendar with you guys. Like last year, it's an interactive calendar, which means you have to sign up for my newsletter and then you will receive the freebie as a PDF via E-Mail. Why do you have to register for free? Because there are freebies hidden in a few doors that I will send you by e-mail. This way, the calendar is simply more fun and we can be creative together as a community throughout the entire Advent season :) As always, there is a short instruction on how to make the calendar in this blog post. I look forward to see the Advent Calendar in your journal, Bujo or simply on paper on your wall! Happy crafting and I hope you'll enjoy a wonderful, calm and mindful Pre-Christmas season <3

How the bullet journal advent calendar works

My 2023 advent calendar includes 24 cozy christmas houses and 24 notes. You will find different things within the doors like creative to-do's, cute freebies or mindful words. In addition to some doors you will receive emails via my newsletter which include some cozy journal freebies. We will open a "little house" every day from December 1 until December 24. The whole thing is just a countdown until Christmas. If you would like to follow my advent calendar feel free to check out my Instagram . There you will also find more bullet journal inspo, cute doodles and cozy illustrations.

Let's create a bujo advent calendar 2023 with my cozy journal freebie

Step 1: Please print out my advent calendar template. Please note: The template is created in A4. Select "actual size"and "horizontal format" in your print settings and set the print quality to "high" if possible. Turn off double-sided printing.

Choose a double page in your journal or use a A4 paper (horizontal format) for crafting the calendar. Next you should cut out all houses and fold each of them. It's important to fold the left white side backwards (as shown in the following pictures). Then put all the houses in your journal or on your paper which you would like to hang up. it's easy if you first plan where the houses are to go. I love to mix all the numbers because this way I have to look for the right house number each day :) it's more fun. But you can stick them as you like. If you like to add a lettering headline like me just leave a little space at the top of your double page or paper. Then glue the little houses in place.

Step 2: Now you have to cut out the little notes. I always do this one after the other and stick each one directly into the matching house number. That way I can't get them mixed up.

Step 3: Finally I take a nice washi tape and cut off small pieces. So it's a easy way to close the little houses. After this step I cover the houses with a paper so they don't break. Then I write my headline with a pencil. At the end I take a brush pen (I always use the one with a hard tip) and write the headline in black.


Please sign up to my newsletter to get the freebie advent calendar pdf. This advent calendar is a bit interactive which means that on some days I will send you cozy jourenal freebies and templates by mail. This way we can be more creative together during the advent season. This is why it's neccessary to join my Somekindart Letter Community :) You'll find more info on my Instagram highlights.


I hope you'll join the bujo advent calendar this year :) so check my Instagram and let's open a door every single day until christmas. Can't wait to meet you!

Happy Journaling :)

© all rights reserved Somekindart by Julia Ihle. This file may never be duplicated or sold. For private use only.

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