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PLAN WITH ME: April 2021 Bullet Journal Setup "Sleeping Bunnies"

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It's here - my very first post with my monthly setup and matching plan with me.

I'm actually a little excited to show some of my spreads already at the beginning of the month. But I'm also looking forward to sharing my ideas with you and to see some creations. Of course, there is also a new YouTube video to go with this setup. Feel free to check out my channel and leave a heart + subscription there. So let's plan the new month, I hope you guys will like my new theme and monthly setup.

For this set up you need the following materials:

  • Gouache or Watercolor

  • A glass with water and a mixing palette

  • A thick brush and a thin brush (I used No. 0 and No. 7)

  • Watercolor pencils or crayons in brown and light pink for outlines and details

  • Black fineliner (Pigma Micron No. 005, 2 and 5)

  • A light gray highlighter or brush pen

  • A pink and mint green highlighter (with thin tip)

  • A pencil and eraser

  • A ruler

If you don't have all the materials there, you can just substitute something. Instead of , you can also simply use markers, Crayolas, Stabilos or other pens.

Check out my new Plan-With-Me on YouTube to go with this tutorial:

April Bullet Journal Setup - Cover Page and Monthly Spread with cute bunnies

I start with my cover page. I paint all elements with gouache. Of course you can also use watercolors or felt tip pens. When I paint, I always start with the key elements. Therefore, I paint in a light brown first the bunnies. I leave a notch for the flower wreath. So I can paint the flowers with a black fineliner, a mint-green brush pen and a light pink marker. Then I paint in a light gray the cloud on which the rabbit sleeps. The face of the bunny I paint with a black fineliner (Micron Pigma no 005). I paint the contours of the bunnies with a dark brown watercolor pencil. The inside of the ears I also paint with a watercolor pen in light pink. I add a half moon with an ochre yellow.

I paint all the plants with a green tone, but sometimes I mix in some white or black. So I create variety and liveliness. For the flowers I mix myself a light pink (white+red). For the flowers I make a few details with a black fineliner. I use a wash brush to paint the meadow in light green. For this I use a lot of water. I then add details with the black fineliner. I paint dots and stars so that it looks like a starry sky.

On the next page I will create my monthly overview for April. For this I draw a table with the Micron Pigma no. 5. The top line I paint brown (the same brown that I used for the bunnies). I write in the days of the week. In the lower area I letter the word "goals" and use a tombow brush pen in light gray as a higlighter for the strokes. In the table I paint with this highlighter gray dots, in which I then write the respective date. On the right above the table I write "April" with black fineliner and add stars, dots and a plant doodle on the right of the table. With ochre yellow I paint a moon again. In addition, I paint again a bunny and a beautiful pink flower.

Monthly To-Do-List and Brain Dump Spread

For the to-do list, I again use the black Pigma Micron Fineliner in #5 to create a frame. Above I leave a gap for washi tape. Then I paint a few bullets with light brown gouache. To match, I doodle a little and add color.

The Brain dump page is also very simple. I paint a rabbit. For this I first use a large brush, take a light brown and a lot of water. Then I paint the bunny shape. For the wreath of flowers I leave again a little free space. With the fineliner in no. 005, the mint greenn brush pen and the light pink higlighter I paint again the flowers. with a thin brush I then paint the still light areas brown. I'll add a few more plants with yellow flowers. With a light gray I paint again a cloud. this time I take a black fineliner and times a string to the cloud, which lifts the rabbit. so it looks like a balloon. I paint a moon again and add some details for the starry sky.

First Weekly Spread of April - Functional boxes and cute doodles

For my first weekly overview I used one of my favorite layouts. For this I draw with the Micon Pigma no. 5 first the boxes. With the tombow brush pen in light gray i mark a small part above the boxes. there i write the days of the week and the date. in the left area i'm creating a small to do list. For this I draw a few lines with the micron pigma no. 2. In addition, I add a bit of washi tape to the top. For this I put two different washis on top of each other. The headline I write with a brown tombow brush pen, but use the thin side. I still write a mini calendar and mark the respective week with the light gray tombow marker.

Also for this spread I paint again a cute bunny and a moon. Through the rope (which I have inserted with black fineliner) it looks as if the bunny would hang on the moon. To keep my theme, I have also added plants doodles here. On the far right was still space for a motivating lettering. I like to do that for weekly overviews.

I hope you liked my monthly planning! Feel free to check back in the near future for updates. Otherwise, I hope we will all experience a wonderful April with lots of sunshine, spring thirst and a lot of colorful plants.


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Happy Journaling! :)


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