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15 ways to use washi tape in your Bullet Journal

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Hello guys ☾

today there is a little inspiration for you and your bullet journal. Most of us have numerous washi tapes at home. I really like to use washi tape in different ways in my journal. You can find a few of my ideas in this blogpost.

Add cute washi tape appropriately - my favorite journaling ideas

When designing my bullet journal, I often use washi tapes to bring in some lovely and aesthetic details. You can find my 15 favorite options in the images below with a few little hints:

Inpsiration 1 + 2: In my opinion, it is always super to stick a grid washi and then a neutral (without pattern) to stick over it. It is important that you match the shades. In variation 1, I glued the neutral washi in the middle of the grid tape. on the left and right you can see more of the grid tape. Otherwise, I like to stick the washis, as in variant 2, offset on each other.

Inpsiration 3: I also find this variation totally practical to use quite wide washi tape in the journal. I just stick it over the whole page at the bottom (also works on the top) edge.

Inpsiration 4: I also find this variant quite great. Here I always take a neutral washi first and stick a sweet, doodles washi tape offset on top. Tip: tear off the sides randomly, so it looks better.

Inpsiration 5+6: Here again more examples, as already shown in variant 1 and 4, as inspiration.

Inpsiration 7: This is my favorite way to create spreads or scrapbook pages very beautiful. It just looks aesthetically pleasing to place the washes on top of each other like this. My tip: Stick the grid washi lengthwise, stick a single-color tape horizontally over it. You can then place another (colorful, with doodle) slightly offset.

Inpsiration 8: For this variation, I used a narrow washi tape with small squares and glued it on lengthwise.

Inpsiration 9: I love washi tape with floral or flower pattern. I also find it always good to place it at the bottom.

Inpsiration 10: If you're drawing cute post its in your journal, you can also add "real" washi tape, like in this version.

Inpsiration 11: You can also use Wasi Tape simply as a bar in a chart. Of course, this works for any kind of bar charts.

Inpsiration 12: Especially for scrapbooking I often use this header because I find it so beautiful. For this I tear out a piece of kraft paper and write with white pen on it. This is attached with various washi tapes.

Inpsiration 13: Envelopes can also be glued or painted into the journal very well. Here I have added a cute washi tape as a closure.

Inpsiration 14+15: I often use washi tape to decorate my weekly ospreads in the bullet journal. I think it always fits very well to the right of the headline. Or a longer strip at the end of the page.


I hope you get some new ideas or inspiration from this blogpost. Do you have any other ideas? Then just write it in the comments. Do you already know my creative etsy shop? There you will also find my new aesthetic sticker collection.

Happy Journaling! :)


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