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Tutorial: How to sketch aesthetic doodles

Are you looking for some aesthetic plant doodle ideas for your bullet journal or calendar? I have thought of new simple doodles that you can easy trace or create in your own journal. I wrote a short explanation with a few hints for each doodle idea. At the bottom you can find my free printable as always. So it's much easier for you to print out the Doodles and copy them directly into your Bullet Journal. Hope you'll like my cute ideas, so let's doodle together! :)

Let's doodle some aesthetic plant, flower and rainbow doodles

Here you can find some inspiration and tips about doodling aesthetic and cute floral things. I wrote a few little hints for each sketch, so it will be easier for you. Please always remember that this is about scribbling. No line has to be 100% perfect, colors can be chosen arbitrarily and it should be fun. You can include doodles anywhere in the journal. I always some doodles, because it's fun and I practice at the same time.

Sunflower: When I paint a sunflower, I always start with the stem of the plant. So you have a good basis to incorporate the rest of the details. Then you add the leaves. I always change the shape a bit, so it looks more alive. With a little distance from the top of the stem, paint a circle (it doesn't have to be round!). In it you then paint a few points. Next, we will work on the petals. I always paint all the inner leaves once in a circle first and then I add the "half visible" ones around the outside. Do not forget to paint a few veins in the flowers.

Line Poppy: I love drawing flowers with washi tape at the moment. For this doodle, it's better to start with the washi tape first. You can paint that with jagged endings or rounded edges. Whatever you like! Then we paint the stem of the plant again. At the top end, doodle a small triangle in black. This is where the flowers come out. If you like line art too, you can simply draw (as shown in step 2) this shape four times. The important thing is that all the petals should overlap a little. At the end I added a little bit of color.

Rainbow: I love this doodle, not only because it's quick to draw, it's supr simple. Use 3 different colors and start with the outer semicircle. The gradient is important. Start with the lightest (warm) color, get a little darker and use a cooler color in the middle. I like to paint a few more dots around the outside. I think that's just cute!

Flower: I think a few simple flowers should never be missing. Therefore, another simple tutorial. So first, let's with the stem. Next, we paint a second stem, which cuts the first, but has a fundamentally different shape. Then I already paint the flower stamps. So I know in the next step where I can add the flowers. I always like it when you paint the flowers from different perspectives. Add leaves (and sparkles :D) at the end.

Get my free printable and create your own doodle spreads

If you'd like to print out my free printable just click the button below

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Happy doodling guys! :)


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