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Bookmarks with dried flowers and old book pages

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So today is all about bookmarks. I'll show you how to create some beautiful bookmarks with dried flowers and leaves, watercolor, old book pages, washi tape and feathers. The nice thing about this DIY is, you can just use all the things you have at home for your individual bookmarks. So grab a pair of scissors, some glue and print out the template. You can find the free printable as a download at the bottom of this blogpost.

Check out my new youtube video to go with this DIY idea:


  1. Be sure to have one pair of scissors, a glue, a hole punch, a pencil, a brush, watercolor or gouache, cord and a black fineliner ready.

  2. Search for materials at home. I used the following: Old book pages, washi tape, feathers, pearls, dried flowers and leaves, watercolor.

  3. Transparent self-adhesive foil for fixing the layerings. I bought this foil at amazon (no affiliate link): Idena book foil transparent. This foil, which is actually for books works very well for different DIY projects.

  4. Print my template with the bookmark stencils on a slightly thicker paper. If you don't have one, print the template and glue it to a cardboard (the front will still be white).

  5. Cut out the templates.

  6. Pick a variation from my 4 ideas below or go straight for all of them :)

Bookmark with dried baby's breath and old book pages

Pick up the first blank bookmark and start with the book page. Carefully tear the page and glue it directly onto the bookmark. In the next step you glue the dried flowers on it. I chose a sprig of baby's breath and a daisy. With my glue roller I just applied a small strip and fixed the flower on it. If there is a stem, you can stick a small piece of washi tape on it. I think this part looks very aesthetic. Of course, you can always add a cute lettering. I felt like writing the word "bloom" with a black fineliner.

Finally, I added a little flag to the bookmark. It looks out of the top of my book soon. You simply have to tear off a piece of washi and fix it to the top of the bookmark. Glue it to the back as well.

But how do you fix the layering now?

Use transparent and self-adhesive foil. I used a good and cheap foil to provide books with protection. It works great and I have linked my foil above. Just cut out a rectangle for your bookmark so that your bookmark fits on it twice. Leave a little space on the right side. Then remove onlay a part of the self-adhesive foil and stick your bookmark on it. Be careful and push or press the top of the foil from the left over the dried flowers. It's a little bit tricky not to make too many folds. Simply cut off the excess foil. The first bookmark is ready :)

Bookmark with cute feathers

I decorated my second bookmark with some feathers I had left over from a boho diy. Because the contrast to the light pink feathers and the white bookmark was not good, I cut a smaller rectangle out of craft paper and glued it on. I think it looks good already. Then I just made two strips with my glue roller and pressed the feathers on it to fix them. At the end I painted a few sparkles with white gel roller on the craft paper and finally attached the book foil (as in the first version).

Then you need the hole punch and just make a hole in the top of your bookmark with it. Here you can attach a piece of string. I threaded two more of my pearls, I think it goes very well with the boho style.

Bookmark with watercolor and dried leave

In this version I painted a background with watercolor. In the picture you can not see it well, because I have chosen a very light pink tone. With circular movements and a lot of water I painted the bookmark. After it was well dried, I have applied with my glue roller a strip for the dried leave. After you have pressed the leave on the bookmark, you can add a few dots or sparkles with black fineliner. I still painted a small moon with watercolor. I also used the foil again for this bookmark. On the following picture you can see much better, how I applied the foil on the upper side.

Bookmark scrapbook style

For the last bookmark I wanted to use a scrapbook style theme. For this I have used an old book page. I always tear the pages as it just fits. Then I tore out another rectangle from another paper. I glued both papers on each other and decorated with a few stickers. Here, of course, you can decorate with whatever you have there or paint a few doodles yourself. I then still what gelettert and again made a flag from washi tape that will then look out of my book.

Click here to download my printable stencils for this DIY:

Stencils for Bookmarks_Somekindwords
Download • 284KB

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Happy crafting! :)


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