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What is Scrapbooking? A short explanation for simple and aesthetic crafting fun

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Happy Sunday ☾

Do you know the following situation: you want to do something creative but not paint yourself for hours? Then scrapbooking is just the thing for you. I use this creative method both in my bullet journal and in a separate book that I use only for scrapbooking. So you can also create your monthly set up in the bullet journal quite easily with different supplies, such as paper or stickers, quickly and easily. The best thing about it: at the end you also have a totally beautiful journal without that you have painted everything yourself. Today I would like to give you a little insight into this craft hobby and explain how it works ♥

What is scrapbooking?

The real idea behind scrapbooking is to create a photo album (= scrapbook) of memories. This involves sticking pictures in an album and decorating them with stickers, fonts and other cute things. This is how memories are to be captured through the crafting of an album. Scrapbooking is therefore a creative DIY hobby.

Meanwhile, there are the most diverse methods of scrapbooking. I think the nice thing about it is that you can be uncomplicated and creative with little effort. You need neither great painting skills nor there are predetermined rules. And in the end you also have a beautifully designed book, just like the bullet journal. That's why I simply combine these two methods. Why not create a scrapbook style bullet journal?

How does scrapbooking work?

Scraping is not about arranging the things you want to use according to a certain scheme, rather it is about creative tinkering. Therefore, it is useful if you have a few craft materials ready:

  • Various paper (e.g. craft cardboard in different colors, old book pages or kraft paper)

  • Washi tape (here it really comes into play :D)

  • Stickers, printables with doodles, memo notes, note papers, sticky notes

  • Black and white fineliners

  • different highlighter

  • Glue or glue roller

  • Dried flowers or leaves

  • Envelopes for sticking

  • Polaroid pictures

  • Other images (maybe you took some nice pictures on your last vacation which you like to paste in)

I buy various scrapbooking materials on etsy every now and then. I just love to use different things for crafting. Stickers are my favorite supplies, because they stick themselves and you can so easily design the pages with aesthetic designs.

As soon as you have all materials at the start you can start directly. I always cut out a few pieces of paper, so it just looks better than when you cut straight lines with scissors. Then I place the different materials on top of each other and create different levels. I think that just looks cute. Most of the time I write a saying to it, depending on what I create the page for. Therefore, I always place the key element in the middle.

In the following four pictures, you can see how I created a new scrapbooking page step by step this morning. I created this page in my separate scrapbook album. There are no guidelines or other rules. As you can see, I have simply combined various paper scraps, stickers and fonts. In addition, I painted a few sparkles and forale doodles. Here I use always very simple motifs, so nothing elaborate.

Can I also use my bullet journal for this DIY method?

In any case! It even looks really great. For this, you can simply stick your Bullet Journal spreads with the described materials. Then you simply add a table with the fineliner, e.g. for your monthly overview. Or you can design your weekly spreads with scrapbooking things. For this, you simply decorate your layout with a few stickers, washi tape or pictures. A cover page can also be easy created with old book pages, polaroids and stickers. How this works exactly I show you in my February set up (for my followers who read along: yes, that was a little hint! :))

To give you some more insight into scrapbooking, I will make a small series about this topic. Therefore, I will post here on my blog regularly a little Inspo from my own scrapbook for you. I think it's very nice to tinker with different layouts again and again, without a default or concrete plan. So if you are always looking for ideas for your journal, planner or scrapbook, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Instagram. Then you always stay up to date and get regular creative inspiration.


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Happy Scrapbooking! :)


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