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Review: My best Bullet Journal ideas of the last 3 months

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In today's blog post I would like to look back on my last 3 Bullet Journal months April, May and June from the 2020 set-up. I have planned, tried and tested a lot, and have incorporated many things into my setup. Which pages really work, what I enjoyed the most and which ideas are super useful, I have summarized for you here. In addition, I would like to briefly explain how individual calendar pages work and how they bring more productivity and organization into your everyday life.

Tracker ideas that are fun and really support - April Bullet Journal Set Up

  • Habit Tracker: This Habit Tracker can be designed so easily. It is not only super fast to create, but the circles can be adjusted to any number of days of the month. The Habits can be exchanged as desired. On the days when you have a certain habit, you simply paint the circle.

  • Mood Tracker: Creating the page with the small Polaroids and additional doodles is of course a bit more complex, but it pays off in the end. I think the filled out tracker just looks so nice. To visualize my moods in April a little bit, I always put a picture matching the day into the Polaroids.

  • Sleep Log: With this tracker you can quickly record how long you slept every day using a normal highlighter. It gave me a great overview of my sleep patterns to see how many hours I actually sleep on average over the whole month. The numbers (hours) above can be adjusted arbitrarily.

  • Monthly overview: I particularly liked this spread. The table is very easy to create and with a few doodles the overview looks really nice. In addition, the space was more than sufficient to enter trips, holidays or birthdays.

  • Weekly spreads: My favorite layout for my weekly overviews. I have also integrated this spread into my setup. You have a small calendar at the top, on the right side there are 3 lines of space for a few To Dos that are due this week, but don't have to be done on a specific day. Just write down the days of the week and the overview is ready.

Helpful and functional lists for everyday use - May Bullet Journal Set Up

  • Brain Dump: This site is perfect to write down everything that is on your mind and you must not forget. I personally create such a page every month. Sometimes it says more and sometimes less. I personally write down a lot of ideas for my blog, my work or our apartment (e.g. what I would like to get in the furniture store soon, what kind of jam we like or what we would like to grill soon).

  • List for film ideas: This list is really gold for me. I've had it so often that I liked a film or a film title sounded super interesting. But once the movie night was over, I couldn't think of any of the films. But that's over now, because I can note all the movies in my Bullet Journal and that really helps me a lot!

  • Dutch Door: I really liked this Dutch Door layout. Not only was it fun to fill out the weekly overview and plan my tasks, but I also found the spread very clear through the individual boxes.

  • Plant and Plaster Tracker: I am so glad that this idea came to me during my Bullet Journal time! I do not have a green thumb, but I really like plants. My problem is so often that I forget to water or water plants too often because I can't remember the last time I watered them. If you feel the same way, I can only recommend to integrate this page into your journal (cleaning plan can be omitted, I can do that too, depending on my mood).

  • Monthly review: Looking back on the beautiful moments of the month and being thankful for nice experiences. This is especially important for the personal mindset and motivation. That's why I have a "Feeling Page" every month. This allows me to see quickly, clearly and in just a few words which highlights and positive experiences I had (unfortunately, it is often the case that negative events tend to be anchored in our minds and the beautiful pages are quickly forgotten).

Overviews and layouts that convince me - June Bullet Journal Set Up

  • Monthly overview: I think this was the easiest monthly overview I ever created. Here you just draw a table, insert the weekdays and calendar weeks and finally write the date in the boxes with highlighter. Now the overview is ready for your everyday life and planning.

  • Habit Tracker: Also the Habit Tracker in June convinced me totally. The usual ones can be exchanged at any time and only the boxes are a bit more complicated to draw. You can add creative doodles like me if you want, but you don't have to. For example, if I drank enough water in one day or worked for my blog, I can just paint the box with a fineliner.

  • One page weekly spread: I'm a fan of one-sided weekly overviews anyway, because I don't need the same amount of space every week for planning and organization. With this table form you can quickly create a simple but useful calendar or weekly overview for your journal.

  • Weekly spreads: Again a layout that I really like to use. The bullets for To Dos are right in front and depending on the selected key you can add your own symbol. The spread is useful and totally clear, so that tasks and events can be easily planned for the week.

  • Reminder list: The "When did I last" list is so effective for me. If you have a household and many things are perhaps only two or three times a year, you can write down here when you cleaned the refrigerator or the mirror cabinet in the bathroom, for example. Of course you can replace my suggestions and simply write down the things that are important for your life.

Happy Journaling! :)


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