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Autumn DIY: self-made mugs with Lettering and doodles + free template

Unpaid advertisement // Brand names are mentioned in this blog post

Are you in the mood for a fun autumn DIY? I bought a few cups and decorated them with handlettering and cute doodles. How exactly everything works and my practical template for printing can be found in this blog post. I would like to add that I bought all materials myself. The links are not paid links.

Which material did I use?

I got myself some materials for this DIY and have listed everything here with links. If you click on the materials, you will leave my website and go directly to the corresponding products. I have tested all products and recommend them with pleasure. In the following I have listed what you need for this diy:

Tutorial: How to make a self-made mug at home?

Here you can find the step by step guide to create your own personalized cup using the porcelain paint:

Step 1: Wipe off the mug completely and allow to dry. I have used glass cleaner for this step.

Step 2: Then simply paint the pattern directly onto the cup with a sharp pencil.

Step 3: Then paint the pencil pattern with the glass pens. The glass and porcelain markers are really great, because the package contains different sizes (fineliner, medium size, a brush pen and a calligraphy pen). I could do it best with the fineliner, so I did all the lettering with this one. I drew the doodles with the tip of the brush pen. The markers have to be shaken before use. The orange color must be applied with a small brush, this is also very easy and the color covers very nice.

Step 4: When all cups are painted, they must dry for 4 hours. After the drying time, place the cups in the cold oven and bake at 160c for about 90 minutes. Allow objects to cool and harden (water-proof and dishwasher safe after curing).

Let's start and create your own mug with my free template

I have created a free template for you, so you can easily design your own mug. Just download the template (click on the picture below) via the PDF-button, print it out and cut along the dotted line. Afterwards you can transfer the template directly to your mug with a pencil. Already you have your own personalized mug with beautiful autumn handlettering and cute doodles.

I love autumn and I think these cups are perfect for this time of year. Now I can drink lots of warm tea, but also can enjoy delicious coffee and hot chocolate. Love how it turned out, or what do you think?

Have fun trying out! :)


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