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Autumn DIY: self-designed jute bags with lettering and doodles + free printable stencils

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Hello Pumpkin! :) Yaaaay it's finally autumn! This week I made something autumnal again and I want to give you also a short instruction here on my blog. Maybe you want to create a cute jute bag with handlettering and little doodles? I simply love to create and use unique items. So I designed a few bags for shopping myself. I bought the used materials on Amazon and linked them to you. There is also free printable stencils, if you like to design your bags the same way I do. You will find them at the end of the blog post as usual. I hope you like my idea and I could inspire you a little bit - so happy autumn!

Which materials are required?

Here you can find a small overview with all materials I used for this DIY. Basically, I make sure that I use high quality materials which are nevertheless inexpensive. (These are no affiliate links)

Step-by-step instruction - how to create your own modern jute bag

Here is a little tutorial that will help you to easily create your own bag. Actually, there is not much you can do wrong.

Step 1: If you want to use my stencils, print out the template. Simply slide the sheet into the bag so that it shines through and draw the template with a pencil directly on the blank jute bag. If you have your own ideas, then also scribble your design with a pencil on the bag.

Step 2: Now put a large piece of cardboard or thicker paper in the bag, so that the paint does not press through to the back of the bag while painting. Then you can simply start tracing the contours with the black marks (or color if you like). I have traced the lines about 3 times because I wanted to make sure that it is clearly visible. In the small video you can see how I did it and how easy the Arteza pens work. By the way, I chose these pens because they have a normal tip on one side and an extra handlettering tip on the other side of the pen.

Step 3: Once you've painted the doodles and your handlettering, let the bag dry for about 20 hours. I just let both bags dry for a whole night.

Step 4: Once dry, iron the reverse side of the fabric at 107° F /41° C (cotton setting!) for 3 to 5 minutes. And already you have created your unique, individual jute bag.

Let's create some eco-friendly jute bags with my free stencils

I have created some free stenciles for you, so you can easily recreate my bag idea. Just download the template (click on the picture below) via the PDF-button, print it out and cut along the dotted line. Afterwards you can transfer the template directly to your mug with a pencil. Already you have your own personalized jute bag with beautiful autumnal handlettering and cute doodles.

Have fun with your unique pieces! :)

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